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Snazzy Snacks

South Parade Primary School
Snazzy Snacks for Snazzy Playtimes
Isabel, Natasha, Kayleigh, Eleanor, Ellah, Sophie, Sarah, Grace, Lola, Libby, Brooke, Sophie, Joshua, Gytis, Alex, Jake, William, Miles, Josh, James, Thomas, Matilda, Phoebe, Honey, Theo, Olivia, Bradley, Matthew, Lucinda, Taylor

Snazzy Snacks was formed by a group of 30 children from Years 4 and 5. In our school, one of our key drivers is life long learning so every Friday, the children from years 2 to 5 take part in 'University' afternoon. At our first meeting, the children discussed their ideas and decided that they would like to have a shop of some sort in school. We had lots of interesting ideas, a fidget spinner stall and a candy floss stall were just a few of the ideas. The children decided that they would like to run a healthy style tuckshop. The children spent some time thinking of, and voting for a name for their business and eventually Snazzy Snacks was chosen. Then they designed the Snazzy Snacks logo. The children are all very enthusiastic and can't wait to get started on making their millions! It has been lovely to see the children use a variety of skills and learn new skills throughout the planning process. Watch out Peter Jones, Snazzy Snacks are on their way!