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Sketch Kids

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Wyvil Primary School
Here to sketch and here to sell!
Joanna, Duane, Farida, Idris, Harley, Anu, Jasim

We are a team of kids who love drawing and would to do anything to help the school. We think we can make an excellent profit on tea towels by selling them to restaurants and cafes in London. Jasim is our Director. He has experience of enterprise in Year 3, when he made and sold bracelets for the Summer Fair. He also has experience of car boot sales with his parents. Idris is our creative designer. He loves art has lots of good ideas. Joanna is the youngest member of the team and is helping all departments. Farida and Harley are the sales team. They are confident and chatty. Anu likes maths and is very careful. She will take care of finance. Duane love designing posters and he will look after advertising.