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Pump It

Copthall School
Helping the World - One Bottle at a Time
Faima Rahman, Destiny Lawrence, Maryam Albadry, Mariam Ahmed, Lola Jones, Tamera Choudhury, Charlotte Schlichter, Lamia El-Bourzzaoui, Busra Geyik, Reanne Behan, Ellie Costello

Our team is full of various characters who each contribute a range of skills to our Company. We have some members of the team who are extremely bubbly and out-going which makes them great sales people. We also have an amazing range of designers who’s creative ability has allowed us to create a logo that we all as a Team are proud of. Our finance team uses the skills they have developed from previous studies to help them complete profit predictions. We want to be able to ‘Help the World, One Bottle at a Time’. We aim to sell at least 12,000 bottles of water in order to donate at least 50% of our profits to Water Aid to help them to build a Pump.