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Ethical Education

Imberhorne School
Creating Companionship opportunities through connections
Lucy Doyle (website & Technology & responsible adult), Niamh Doyle, Ruby Doyle

KnitterNatters is a gift experience, which brings people together. In particular elderly people who like to knit, but might be lonely or isolated. Many parents have not got enough money to spend on clubs and activities. This is where our gift service provides an opportunity for an elderly person, or an elderly persons family member to buy a gift experience for their relatives. The Knitting starter set will be delivered locally to the Knitter and we will then connect them with a child on our register.
The child will then have 6 xc 45 min supervised sessions where the elderly person will teach them to first knit a square and then a choice of the suggested patterns in their booklet. They will be able to work on the pattern in between sessions. A parent will stay with the child at all times.
The square is returned to KnitterNatters with the enclosed SAE and where the team will track on the website how many squares they have until we can make a full blanket. Blankets will be sent to those in need, either homeless people in the UK or refugees.

Target market – OAP’s/Retired Knitters & Primary age children aged 6-10

USP – Our business helps children learn a new skill for free and at the same time gives our elderly generation a sense of purpose and companionship.

It is a good idea because it is a social enterprise that will benefit so many different groups of people including the elderly population who are often lonely and the blankets will go to those in need, while the child still gets to keep either the headband or gloves they make.