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That’s a wrap!

That’s it – trading is officially over! Thank you all for your hard work during this period. We have been so impressed with your efforts and are looking forward to reading your evaluation reports in the New Year.

This week has been a very busy finale and it’s been great following everyone’s activities on Twitter and Instagram. Below you’ll find some of our favourite posts this week! 

Congratulations to everyone who has secured a place on the leaderboard – the profits raised this year have been exceptional. If you haven’t yet uploaded all of your financial figures, you can do so until the end of the year.

It’s important to remember, however, that the leaderboard does not represent who will be going through to the final, so make sure you get your Business Reviews in by 5pm on 22nd December. These documents are what Peter Jones CBE will be looking at when he chooses the finalists.

At the end of the competition congratulations again to Corkin’ from AKS Lytham Independent School who are in first place for the sixth week in a row, Sketch Kids from Wyvil Primary School who are in second place for the fifth week in a row, and HappiJar from The Queen’s School have impressively made it in to third place. 

Don’t forget that the initial start up loans are due to be returned by 12th January 2018. To enable the ongoing running of Tycoon in Schools we are grateful to those teams who will donate 1/3 of their profits back to the Peter Jones Foundation. If one of your teams has made a loss, please do inform us of this when returning the money, so we know how much to expect in the transfer.

Well done on a brilliant trading phase and we hope to see you again for Tycoon in Schools 2017! Merry Christmas and have a wonderful New Year. 

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