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Only two weeks to go!

It’s been another superb week of trading, with some very impressive figures, and some great images being shared on social media. You’ll find some of our favourite posts below!


The leaderboard is showing how competitive this year has been so far, with rapid changes in position over the last week; we hope everyone’s been keeping an eye on it.

At the end of week four, congratulations again to Corkin’ from AKS Lytham Independent School who are in first place for the fourth week in a row, Sketch Kids from Wyvil Primary School who are in second place for the third week in a row, and Carnival Bites from Ayesha Comminuty Education School have impressively made it in to third place. 

Evaluation Stage

With only two weeks to go of trading we recommend that you start thinking about your teams’ evaluation process, including the Business Review documents. These are what Peter Jones CBE and our partners at Sage will be looking at when he chooses the teams that will attend the final ceremony. Guidance on the process and templates to fill in are available to download now.

The completed Business Reviews must be submitted by the lead teacher via the teachers area of the website, no later than 5pm, 22nd December 2017. We will also require you, and at least one student per team, to complete the relevant SurveyMonkey questionnaires by 19th January 2018 to be entered into the competition; this feedback will help us make the competition even better next year. 

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