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One Week of Trading Down!

Wow - congratulations on a great first week of trading!

It’s been wonderful to hear about the flying starts so many of you have made. We’ve loved following your activity on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook and have been extremely impressed with what we’ve seen so far. Make sure you tag us and use the hashtag #TIS2017.

Check out some of our favourite posts below! 

The leaderboard will be up and running next week so make sure you sure to log in to the teacher section of the website and update your teams’ costs and figures. It’s early days and there’s all to play for, so make sure your teams get their financials in each week.

We also urge you to update your team pages and keep using social media to show off your progress – the standard this year looks set to eclipse that of previous years and we are keen to share your achievements. 

If you have any exciting events coming up or a story worthy of a particular mention, please contact and you could feature in next week’s Tycoon Telegraph.

Keep up the great work and good luck for the week ahead!

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